Our Facilities include..

CNC Milling, Double Mitre, Vibro-Deburr and Bespoke Finishing, TIG Welding, In-house manufacture of precision tooling, final assembly and bespoke packaging, and stock management.

CNC Milling using 4 automatic milling machines

Precision recut including double mitre

Vibro-deburr and bespoke finishing

Anodised and powder coated finishes available to order.

TIG welding

Architectural standard welding of Aluminium profiles carried out in-house.

In-house manufacture of precision tooling

Our In-house tool design and manufacturing ensures we are able to give you precisely what you need, when you need it. Tool repairs are carried out on the premises.

Final Assembly and bespoke packaging

We are happy to pack into your brand packaging, labelled with your stock and order references.

Stock Management

Our customers rely on us to manage their raw material stocks with the added benefit of reduced inventory, logistics and a vastly improved lead time. Stock updates available with each delivery of finished components if required.

Many of our customers also take advantage of our in-house capability to offer sub and final assembly of machined components.

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